About Liz Bramlet

Liz Bramlet is President of Liz Bramlet Consulting, LLC.  She is a nationally recognized expert in the field of affordable housing. Liz specializes in the use of the low income housing tax credit (LIHTC) program, working with both for-profit owners and nonprofit organizations that use the LIHTC program to create and operate affordable housing. She is the author of the book, Tax Credit Housing Handbook: A Guide for Property Owners and Managers. Liz’s book provides the information every owner needs to know to operate a property so that it produces its anticipated tax credit.

Affordable housing is more complex than ever before. Most affordable properties require the use of low income housing tax credits plus several additional subsidies to be viable. Having worked in the development and compliance components of many housing programs, Liz consults with developers, syndicators, and property managers to create strategies that maximize the value of their property’s LIHTC allocation and the other funding sources that support affordable housing today.

Liz speaks regularly at conferences sponsored by the National Council of State Housing Agencies (NCSHA) and at conventions hosted by state and local housing organizations. She developed the LIHTC curriculum for Quadel Consulting Corporation and serves as its senior trainer. Liz consults regularly with state and local agency staff on policies for implementing the LIHTC program.

Liz has a Bachelor of Arts degree from the University of Illinois and a Master of Arts degree in Urban and Regional Planning from the University of Iowa. She can be reached through her web site at lizbramletconsulting.com.  Follow Liz at twitter.com/lizbramlet


Understanding how housing programs work together during the development and operation of an affordable property; explaining concepts, rules, and regulations using plain English; planning resident relocation to maximize the tax credit a building produces during its rehabilitation; helping to plan and operate a property to get full value from its credit allocation and other funding sources

2 Responses to “About Liz Bramlet”

  1. David Hurley Says:

    Mrs. Bramlet,

    We are working with numerous PHA’s accross the Country and helping them apply Build America Bonds to the financing of their contemplated projects. If your client’s are encountering difficulty making a LIHTC structure work and you are looking for a viable altrnative, perhaps we can provide another solution. Please feel free to contact me if you have an interest or any questions.


    David R. Hurley

  2. Liz Bramlet Says:


    Thank you for your comment. I will keep your contact information so I can share it with others.

    Good luck with everything you are doing.


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